On behalf of the BMVBS infas developed in cooperation with the DIW Berlin a Germany-wide mobility survey in 2002. This was in the tradition of the western German KONTIV-surveys of 1976, 1982 and 1989.

This survey took place under the name Mobility in Germany 2002 and was carried out for the first time by phone mainly. It based upon international standards and developed them further for the German practice. The objective of 2008 orients towards the former design and is to update the results by means of a new survey:

  • a replication of the MiD 2002 to a large extent in order to identify the everyday mobility of private households

  • ensuring the comparability with the previous surveys – with optional improvements drawing on the expertise of previous user experience

  • survey realisation mainly by phone – if required by methodological mix with other survey methods (postal / online)

  • a sample’s basic size of 25,000 households in order to differentiate the results by federal states, optional add-on samples for other contracting entities, size in total approximately 50,000 households

  • time frame 22 months from award of contract, survey in calendar year 2008


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National Transportation Surveys, Activities in Germany - TRB Annual Meeting 2012, Session 483

Mobility in Germany 2008_Projects Presentation

MID 2008